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Helen and George


Fiddlebox is a fiddle and box duo who both play and call, using a mixture of Welsh, Klezmer and Celtic tunes. Fiddlebox have a relaxed approach to calling, with the emphasis firmly on having fun. Their twmpath/ceilidh/barndance evenings can include Scottish, Russian, American squares, and Creole dances as well as traditional Welsh and well known favourites.

Contact Details

Website: www.fiddlebox.net

E-mail: helenadamfiddle@gmail.com

Home Phone: 01269 850297

Mobile: 07929 202257

Kath Oakwood

French and Breton dance teacher.

Contact Details

E-mail: k_j_oakwood@yahoo.co.uk

Home Phone: 01792 830 246

The Much Ado Ceilidh Band

The Much Ado Ceilidh Band

Playing traditional dance music with gusto and drive. The band for your ceilidh, twmpath, barn dance, wedding reception or birthday party.

Contact Details

E-mail: alan.oberman@gmail.com

Home Phone: 01982 570 432

Website: www.muchadoband.co.uk

Stray Away

Rough Edge

Swansea's premier Ceilidh Band, provide delightful British and European Folk Music with Celtic heart for listening and dancing. Mesmerising melodies from fiddle, flute and mandolin accompanied by harmonious key-boards and rhythmical bodhran create an array of easy listening tunes and driving dance-floor stomps. 'ROUGH EDGE' is the band for all of your celebrations.

Contact Details

Website: www.roughedgeband.co.uk/

Stray Away

Stray Away

Stray Away are a 5 piece ceilidh band (flute, whistle, guitar, fiddle, bodhran) playing Irish and French music with a driving beat for a great night's dancing.

Ceilidhs for all occasions and abilities.

Contact Details

E-mail: alexa.farley@live.co.uk

Home Phone: 01874 676155

Chris Yemm

Teacher of circle and international dances.

Contact Details

E-mail: danceyfenni@gmail.com

Home Phone: 01873 853 324

Mic Spenceley

Has been a caller for barn dance, ceilidh, twmpath, dance club and festival for 40 years.

Working with live or recorded music, his repertoire caters for beginner to advanced dancers and includes English country dance and Playford style dance along with American contras and squares. Using many of his own compositions he will provide a lively fun evening to cater for all abilities.

Contact Details

Website: spenceley.net

Email michael@spenceley.net

Phone: 01443 476164


Fiddle, accordion, flute, drums, guitar, whistle and concertina, are DiEnw and keenly await a ceilidh/ twmpath, dance display or wedding, so that they may come to 'life' again with their stupendous collection of folk tunes from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England and Celtic nations.

Sarah Mason

Contact Details

Email sarahlrmason@rocketmail.com

Phone: 01591 610512


Cat’s Claw Ceilidh Band is probably the busiest ceilidh band in South Wales playing for all types of events almost every week of the year. Cat's Claw is fundamentally an all-acoustic band that gets your feet moving and the tunes are those that the band enjoys playing together, whether Welsh, Irish, Scottish, European or American - it's all lined up and waiting for the Cat's Claw treatment!

Contact Details

Website: www.cats-claw.co.uk

Last Updated: 13/08/2019